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Sergey D. Kuznetsov
New Storage Devices and the Future of Database Management



Marlies Temper, Simon Tjoa, Gerald Quirchmayr
A Systematic Literature Review on the Application of Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation for Cyber-Attack Evaluation

Devine Grace D. Funcion
Clustering Asian Countries on Fixed Broadband Subscribers: A Data Mining Approach

Hamid Jan, Amjad Ali
Classification of Latent Fingerprints Using Neural Networks

Mikus Vanags, Rudite Cevere
The Perfect Lambda Syntax

Pijus Kasparaitis, Kipras Kančys
Phoneme vs. Diphone in Unit Selection TTS of Lithuanian

Mantas Vaitonis, Saulius Masteika
Experimental Comparison of HFT Pair Trading Strategies using Microsecond and Nanosecond Future Commodity Contracts Data

Emil Syundyukov, Austris Cirulnieks, Krisjanis Nesenbergs, Leo Selavo
Knee Joint Dynamics Monitoring Using Wearable Sensor Network and Mobile Software During Rehabilitation

Vacius Jusas, Sam Gilvine Samuvel
Classification of Motor Imagery Using PCA Features for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Zane Bicevska, Janis Bicevskis, Girts Karnitis, Ivo Oditis
Implementation of NoSQL-based Data Warehoses

Ivans Kuļešovs, Juris Borzovs, Aigars Susters, Vineta Arnicane, Guntis Arnicans, Kirils Keiduns, Janis Skutelis
Mobile Applications Testing