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Systematic Review of Functional Pathways and Methods for COVID-19 Modelling

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Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Automatic Crop Classification at Regional Scale using Tabular Remote Sensing Time Series



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Visualizations of Rotations Using Isometric Drawings and Digital 3D Solids: A Modified Revised Purdue Spatial Visualization of Rotation Test

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Advances in Spatial Data Modeling: A Review

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Entropy of Video Lecture

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An Ontological Approach to the Intelligent Use ofthe Spanish Low-voltage Electrical Regulation

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Surveying 3D Data as Basis of a HBIM for the Management of Cultural Heritage Objects

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Fusing Census and MC-CNN Cost Volumes for Stereo Matching

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The Semi-Algorithmic Approach to Formation of Latvian Information and Communication Technology Terms

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An Evaluation of Machine Learning Approaches to Integrate Historical Farm Data



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Surface Forest Fires Modelling: Temperature and Oxygen Dynamics near Fuelbreaks

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Cognitive Checkup and Mental Training Platform for Elite Athletes

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Designing Usable User Interface Toggles

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Enhancing Migratory Beekeeping Practice using the Digital Flowering Calendar

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The Development of a Memory Game "Remember the Day" for People with Alzheimer's Disease

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Diffusion of digital innovation in museum education: pandemic effects and adopter characteristics

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Using Flipped Classroom as an Active Teaching Method for Teaching Engineering Graphics

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Prioritizing the Indicators Responsible for Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management Using SF-AHP and SF-TOPSIS

A. Azhagu Jaisudhan Pazhani
IoT Based Ground Water Level Monitoring System and Its Impact in Agricultural Applications