Selected Papers from Conference Spatial Cognition 2020/1


Max Kinateder, Emily A Cooper
Assessing Effects of Reduced Vision on Spatial Orientation Ability Using Virtual Reality

Snejana Shegeva, Ashok Goel
The Role of Symmetry in Geometric Intelligence

Jeremias Stüber, Lina Junctorius, Annette Hohenberger
Tracking Non-Visual Eye Movements Non-Invasively: Comparing Manual and Automatic Annotation Styles


Regular Papers

Olvija Komasilova, Vitalijs Komasilovs, Armands Kviesis, Aleksejs Zacepins
Modeling of the Potential Honey Bee Colony Foraging Activity Based on the Agrometeorological Factors

Tsvetanka Georgieva-Trifonova
Research on Improvement of N-grams Based Text Classification by Applying Pointwise Mutual Information Measures

Aisha Futura Tüchler
Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Use, Features and Acceptance of Digital Learning Tools

Daniel Dlužnevskij, Pavel Stefanovič, Simona Ramanauskaitė
Investigation of YOLOv5 Efficiency in iPhone Supported Systems

Anastasia Malashina
The Combinatorial Analysis of n-Gram Dictionaries, Coverage and Information Entropy based on the Web Corpus of English



Sergei Marchenkov, Dmitry Korzun, Aleksey Kashevnik
On Smart Spaces Middleware Development for Internet of Things Environments

V.Vijayarajan, V. B. Surya Prasath, Pradyut Kumar Hazarika, Shubham Saraff
Classification Based Image Rretrieval Using Support Vector Machines

Peteris Daugulis, Vija Vagale, Emiliano Mancini, Filippo Castiglione
A PCA-based Data Prediction Method

Zafar Mehmood, Sohail Asghar
Mapping Overlapped Samples into Higher Dimension from Complex Multi-class Imbalanced Problems Using SVM++

Kristīne Bārdule
E-Learning Tools for the Flipped Learning in Elementary School

Linda Lancere
Technological Solutions for Low Back Pain Physical Therapy Real-time Monitoring with Feedback



Ahmet Nusret Ozalp, Zafer Albayrak, Muhammet Çakmak, Erdal Özdoğan
Classification of Cyber Attacks and Security Requirements in IoTs

Ainārs Belovs, Vitālijs Komašilovs
Time-Aware Event Recommendations using Topic Modeling

Tsvetanka Georgieva-Trifonova, Miroslav Galabov
Semantic Technologies for Big Data Modeling from Analytics Perspective: a Systematic Literature Review

Leo Truksans, Ieva Lapina
Review of Mobile Connectivity Persistence Technologies for Dynamically Changing Networks' Availability Scenarios

Radka Nacheva, Anita Jansone
Multi- layered Higher Education E-Learning Framework

Marta Jadwiga Burzanska
Data Model for Rch Time Series Data and Chameleon Query Language

Radka Nacheva, Anita Jansone
Social Media Supported E-Education: Perspectives and International Experiences

Janis Kapenieks Sr., Janis Kapenieks Jr.
Information System for Personalized Spaced e-Learning

Inga Zilinskiene
Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Learning Analytics for the Course Design Improvement

Abuzer Yakaryilmaz
Exclusive Affine Languages

Dmitry Barovik, Valery Taranchuk
Surface Forest Fires Modelling: Temperature and Oxygen Dynamics near Fuelbreaks

Joseph Grannum, Janice Steele, Aravindan Sooryanarain, Victor Pinheiro, Leo Siiman, Anna-Liisa Tamm
Visualizations of Rotations Using Isometric Drawings and Digital 3D Solids: A Modified Revised Purdue Spatial Visualization of Rotation Test