Renata Danieliene, Sergiy Bronin, Oleksandr Milov, Serhii Yevseiev
Model Basis for Cybersecurity of Socio-cyberphysical Systems

Natalija Lepkova, Sevinc Gulsecen, Tank Talan
Flipped Classroom Method Application Case Study Analysis

Pauls Purvins, Evalds Urtans, Vairis Caune 
Using Large Language Models to Improve Sentiment Analysis in Latvian language

Peteris Daugulis
Optimizing Administrative Divisions: A Vertex k-Center Approach for Edge-Weighted Road Graphs



Jurģis Šķilters, Līga Zariņa
On Eigenplace Function Mapping Relational and Absolute Space

Egle Klekere
Affective Computing for Managing Crisis Communication

Nagaraju Sonti, M. S. S. Rukmini, Venkatappa Reddy Pamulapati
Integrating Recommender Systems with Deep Learning Architecture for Link Prediction in Nano Grids on AI-Based Cloud Computing Platform

Martins Sneiders, Evalds Urtans, Amjad Abu Saa
Comparative analysis of time series models for student data in the Moodle platform

Uģis Sprūdžs
One Year-Ahead CVD Mortality Risk Prediction from Anonymized Latvian Health Care Data Records

Laura Liepiņa, Jurģis Šķilters
Visual Search in the Interface Perception Process

Abeer Salah Eldeen Hamed, A. M. Riad, Ramadan Moawad, Hazem M. Elbakry
Software Quality Assessment Approach Using Analytical Hierarchical Model: Applied in SMES

Mimoza Mjoska, Blagoj Ristevski
Evaluation of the Model for Bitcoin Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Blockchain Technology



Rinalds Daniels Pikše, Evalds Urtans
Comparative Analysis of Robustness of Bayes Neural Nets and Monte Carlo Dropout Methods

Andrejs Aristovs, Evalds Urtans
A Qualitative Comparison of the State-of-the-Art Next-Best-View Planners for 3D Scanning

Mamdouh Alenezi, Mohammed Akour
Leveraging Open-Source Software Systems for Digital Transformation in Higher Education: Adoption Drivers and Current Practices

Eduards Blumbergs, Krišjānis Nesenbergs, Pēteris Paikens
Bluetooth Classic Protocol Fuzzing Practices

Ana Chikashua, Maia Archuadze, Magda Tsintsadze, Manana Khachidze
OCR Tool for Georgian Handwritten Text Recognition Based on YOLOv8

Archil Elizbarashvili, Magda Tsintsadze, Marana Khachidze
Character Encoding Impact on Georgian Language in Digital Processing

Sarma Cakula
Digital Learning Model

Andris Ambainis, Ilja Repko
Quantum Algorithm for the Domatic Number Problem

Yevhenii Lashko, Olha Chencheva, Ivan Laktionov, Dmytro Rieznik, Nadia Halchenko
Mathematical and Computer Simulation of the Process of Movement of Respirable Dust Particles in the Working Area

Ainārs Belovs-Dvinskis, Vitālijs Komašilovs
JavaScript Source Code Functional Domain Recognition Using Sentence Embeddings Clustering

Serhat Erdem, Ugurcan Sayili, Eray Yurtseven, Mustafa Sukru Senocak, Mehmet Guven Gunver
A Geometric Approach to Goodness-of-fit Testing for Normality