Dalė Dzemydienė, Sigita Turskienė, Irma Šileikienė
Development of ICT Infrastructure Management Services for Optimization of Administration of Educational Institution Activities by Using ITIL-V4

Līga Zariņa, Jurģis Šķilters, Mārtiņš Draudiņš, Egle Žilinskaitė-Šinkūnienė
Impact of Scale on the Perception of Proximity as Represented in Latvian



Tanel Aamer, Fredrik Milani
Improving Digital Onboarding Processes for Financial Services - A Multivocal Literature Review

Jurģis Šķilters, Līga Zariņa, Michael Glanzberg
Towards a Framework for Functional Representation of Spatial Relations

Vitaliy Golomoziy, Yuliya Mishura, Iryna Izarova, Tetiana Ianevych
Processing Big Data of Court Decisions

Justinas Jucevičius, Povilas Treigys, Jolita Bernatavičienė, Mantas Trakymas, Ieva Naruševičiūtė
Prostate Cancer Localization Using Isotropic MRI Images and Biopsy Results for Training



Martins Jansevskis, Kaspars Osis
State of Knowledge Discovery Process Models and Frameworks

Dimitrios M. Varveris, Athanasios D. Styliadis, Panteleimon Xofis, Levente Dimen
A Smart 2,5D Tree CAD Modeling Technique for Landscape Architecture Applications with “Internet of Trees” Blockchain functionality

Chrysanthy Basdekidou, Atanasios Styliadis, Alexandros Argyriadis, Levente Dimen
VR Training and Spatial Cognition Learning with Immersive Walk-through Trials: A Pilot Study for DCD Children

Aitor García-Pablos, Justina Mandravickaitė, Egidija Veršinskienė
On Checking Robustness on Named Entity Recognition with Pre-trained Transformers Models

Jurģis Šķilters, Līga Zariņa
On Eigenplace Function Mapping Relational and Absolute Space

Egle Klekere
Affective Computing for Managing Crisis Communication

Nagaraju Sonti, M. S. S. Rukmini, Venkatappa Reddy Pamulapati
Integrating Recommender Systems with Deep Learning Architecture for Link Prediction in Nano Grids on AI-Based Cloud Computing Platform

Alberts Pumpurs
Conceptual Model of a Digital and Physical Product Ecosystem

Linas Aidokas
Homan-Robot Interaction Communication Control System Using Lithuanian Language

Pauls Purvins, Evalds Urtans, Vairis Caune 
Using Large Language Models to Improve Sentiment Analysis in Latvian language

Rinalds Daniels Pikše, Evalds Urtans
Comparative analysis of Robustness of Bayes Neural Nets and Monte Carlo Dropout methods

Martins Sneiders, Evalds Urtans, Amjad Abu Saa
Comparative analysis of time series models for student data in the Moodle platform

Andrejs Aristovs, Evalds Urtans
A Qualitative Comparison of the State-of-the-Art Next-Best-View Planners for 3D Scanning

Eliza Gyulgyulyan, Hrachya Astsatryan
Quality Alerting System for Data Analysis in Data Lakes

Evangelia A. Polyzou, Lazaros Sechidis
Tux Paint Software as a Participatory Landscape Drawing Tool in Schools

Mamdouh Alenezi, Mohammed Akour
Leveraging Open-Source Software Systems for Digital Transformation in Higher Education: Adoption Drivers and Current Practices

Filippo Castiglione, Peteris Daugulis, Emiliano Mancini, Rik Oldenkamp, Constance Schultsz, Vija Vagale
Predicting Antimicrobial Resistance Trends Combining Standard Linear Algebra with Machine Learning Algorithms

Radka Valerieva Nacheva, Anita Jansone
Heuristic Evaluation of AI-Powered Web Accessibility Assistants