Solvita Zarina
Co-Production from the Viewpoint of Design and Computing Education Development



V.Vijayarajan, V. B. Surya Prasath, Pradyut Kumar Hazarika, Shubham Saraff
Classification Based Image Rretrieval Using Support Vector Machines

Sergei Marchenkov, Dmitry Korzun, Aleksey Kashevnik
On Smart Spaces Middleware Development for Internet of Things Environments

Ieva Gintere
Art Space: A Cutting-Edge Edugame of Contemporary Aesthetics

Sandra Virbukaitė, Jolita Bernatavičienė
Deep Learning Methods for Glaucoma Identification Using Digital Fundus Images



Andrejs Cibulis, Walter Trump
Domino Exclusion Problem

Aleksandrs Gorbunovs
Review on Eye Tracking Application in Educational Settings

Bogdans Ozerkins
Log generation and usage patterns in modern systems

Maija Kāle, Ebenezer Agbozo
Utility of Large-Scale Recipe Data in Food Computing

Ingrida Poce, Aiste Kielaite-Gulla, Kestutis Strupas, Gintautas Dzemyda
Pancreas Segmentation in CT Images: State of the Art in Clinical Practice

Muhammed Maruf Öztürk
Head Pose Healthiness Prediction Using a Novel Image Quality Based Stacked Autoencoder


PAPERS from FOSS4G Europe 2020

Giulia Luciani, Mariano Bresciani, Carlo Andrea Biraghi, Nicola Ghirardi, Daniela Carrion, Michela Rogora, Maria Antonia Brovelli
Satellite Monitoring system of Subalpine lakes with open source software: the case of SIMILE Project

Bence Takács, Zoltan Siki
Implementation of local reference systems without length distortion in GIS software

Zoltan SikiBence Takács
Automatic recognition of ArUco codes in land surveying tasks

Jannis StoppeTino Flenker
A Whole World of Circuitry - Visualizing Integrated Circuits using Geo Information Systems

Mirko Blinn, Sven Lautenbach, Dominik Weiss, Theo Kötter
Modelling Land Use Change in Cologne, German Region, Based on Open Source Geoinformaticsstack


PAPERS from 4th International Conference on Innovations and Creativity

Radka Nacheva, Anita Jansone
Usability Evaluation of Business Process Modelling Tools through Software Quality Metrics

Daiga Cepīte-Frišfelde, Aigars Valainis, Juris Seņņikovs, Vilnis Frišfelds
Modelling the Potential Accumulation Zones of Surface Current and Wind Driven Particles in the Shoreline of Baltic Sea in Latvia

Jurgita Lieponienė
Recent Trends in Database Technology