Vol. 4(2016), No. 3

Papers from Baltic DB&IS 2016 

Diana Kalibatiene, Olegas Vasilecas, Titas Savickas, Tadas Vysockis, Vjačeslavs Bobrovs
A New Approach on Rule and Context Based Dynamic Business Process Simulation

Toma Rusinaite, Olegas Vasilecas, Diana Kalibatiene
A Systematic Literature Review on Dynamic Business Processes

Fatih Güllü, Rein Kuusik, Kazbulat Shogenov, Mart Laanpere, Yusuf Oysal, Ömer Faruk Sözcü, Zekeriya Parlak
An Analysis and Comparison of Adoption of E-learning Systems in Higher Education by Lecturers at Largest Universities in Estonia and Turkey

Boriss Misnevs, Irina Yatskiv
Data Science: Professional Requirements and Competence Evaluation

Alexey Raskin, Natalia Leonova, Oleg Gustun, Ekaterina Dodonova
The Practical Implementation of Graph Analysis to Monitoring Process of Information System Implementation in School

Lama Al Khuzayem, Peter McBrien
OWLRel: Learning Rich Ontologies from Relational Databases

Andrius Daranda
Neural Network Approach to Predict Marine Traffic

Edgars Šifers, Anita Jansone, Kaspars Lauris
Optimization of University Campus Wireless Network

Jelena Sanko, Vahur Kotkas
Ontology-Driven Scheduling System for Manufacturing


Regular Papers

Vytautas Čyras, Friedrich Lachmayer, Erich Schweighofer
Visualization as a Tertium Comparationis within Multilingual Communities

Alireza Souri, Monire Norouzi, Adalat Safarkhanlou, Seyed Hassan Es. Haghi Sardroud
A Dynamic Data Replication with Consistency Approach in Data Grids: Modeling and Verification

Kaspars Balodis
Unconventional Finite Automata and Algorithms

Filiz Kalelioglu, Yasemin Gülbahar, Volkan Kukul
A Framework for Computational Thinking Based on a Systematic Research Review

Zane Bicevska, Andrejs Neimanis, Ivo Oditis
NoSQL-based Data Warehouse Solutions: Sense, Benefits and Prerequisites

R. Hildenbrandt
The k-Server Problem with Parallel Requests and the Compound Harmonic Algorithm